Frequently Asked Questions.

What do you mean by male-friendly services?

Problems facing men and society are very complex and multifaceted and require new ways of thinking about and approaching men.

A male positive approach emphasises the generative and creative aspects of masculinity which positions men as  agents for positive change.

Men make valuable contributions daily, across a wide range of domains in society.  Including family and home life, fathering, work and community.

Men do face very unique challenges. These are worthy of discussion and requires a sophisticated new look at men and men’s issues.

Male positive means seeing the good, the bad and the ugly  but focusing on  unlocking the potential generative and creative aspects of masculinity for the enhancement of the individual and his loved ones.



The first session will be $50.00 (inc GST)
Single Session there after $70.00 (inc GST)

Payment Options

Pay on the day using EFTPOS.
Bank Transfer for Online Sessions.

What modalities/therapies do you use?

I use modalities that have a strong evidence base supporting their effectiveness. These include:

  1. Solution Focused Therapy
  2. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  3. Motivational Interviewing
  4. Narrative Therapy
  5. Psycho-education
  6. Person Centred Therapy

I am happy to explore other modalities as appropriate.

However, I use whichever modality is best suited to the presenting problem and client preferences. Counselling isn’t a one size fits all approach. An effective counsellor understands the clients needs, the nature of the problem and the best strategies to employ at any given time. This is called an Integrative Approach.

Do I need a referral and do you refer on?

No, you do not need a referral from a General Practitioner to see me. All you need to do is make a booking and come in.

If I consider the presenting issues too complex or beyond my professional scope of practice, I will discuss this with you and we will seek out an appropriate professional to meet your needs and I can make a referral if need be.

Are you registered?

Yes, I am registered with the Psychotherpy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). They are the peak governing body for psychotherapists and help regulate the industry. You can make complaints to them or get general advice from them about Psychotherapy.

I also receive professional supervision from PACFA to make sure I am working effectively and ethically to meet the needs of my clients.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance that covers you and me in case of a mishap.

Are you a registered business?

Yes. I am registered with the Australian Taxation Office and have an ABN. My business name is also registered.

What advocacy services do you provide?

I lend my voice to your concerns. If you are having problems with work, the child support agency, or need some other type of advocacy, such as helping with documentation, I may be able to help.